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Argentina抯 National Parks entice hundreds of national and overseas vacationers yearly. Whereas pumas—also known as cougars or mountain lions in North America—are elusive and infrequently seen, sightings are on the rise, and we put a particular deal with searching for them. In actual fact, we've added a 3rd day in Torres del Paine Nationwide Park for this very objective. That is likely not the case on most Patagonia journeys, which are not as wildlife-oriented as ours is.

Rose Marcario struggled to sleep. It was November 9, 2016, simply hours after Donald Trump had been elected president, and the CEO of Patagonia was nervous about how his White Home ascent may disrupt not only her firm's enterprise however the planet's future.

Within the northern part of Patagonia, there may be the Lake District which, like many parts of the area, spans each Chile and Argentina. In Chile, it is a part of the Torres del Paine Nationwide Park. Right here, a relative of the llama, the guanaco, roams wild all over the park. Due to their great numbers, many predators are sustained by this food supply, including the Patagonian puma and the Andean gray fox. The fox all the time preys on the area's many rodents which embrace rabbits and hares. The Andean condor, with the largest wingspan of any land fowl may also be spotted here as can the endangered South Andean deer, additionally known as huemul.

Throughout the first half of final yr, Mckesson traveled around the nation to cities the place younger African-Americans died at the hands of the police, and different areas the place protests erupted — similar to Charleston, S.C., where a white supremacist killed nine individuals at a black church, and Missouri, the place racial issues led to mass demonstrations on the state's flagship public university. Together with collaborating in protests, Mckesson helped found a gaggle that crafted a Black Lives Matter coverage agenda. Although he was not a part of the group that initially coined the phrase, Mckesson's relentless tweets and trademark blue Patagonia vest ultimately made him one of the crucial recognizable faces of the movement, and drew in additional than 340,000 Twitter followers.

After donating more than 407,000 hectares (over 1 million acres) to Chile to contribute to the creation of 5 new Nationwide Parks and the growth of 3 others, Tompkins Conservation will formally hand over Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park and Patagonia National Park to CONAF (the national forest service of Chile) on April 30th.