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patagonia ventura ca shirt

Tzn. tak mi przetłumaczył jeden gość, który dosiadł się do mnie w autobusie. Jest on włoskim żołnierzem wracającym z dwuletniej misji, a jego angielski był na poziomie mojego hiszpańskiego, także nasza rozmowa była niezbyt ambitna, ale za to długa i wyczerpująca. A przynajmniej wyczerpująca mnie. Całe szczęście, że go spotkałem, bo inaczej to nie wiem sam jakbym się zachował. Gość mówi, All the things OK my buddy, its an adventure i koślawo tłumaczy, że trzeba łapać stopa. Ale tylko samochody typu decide-up, bo tutaj jest niebezpiecznie i nikt nie wpuści obcych do kabiny.

Being lifelong vacationers, we all love our light-weight, multipurpose gear that may stand up to the pains of the highway. On my latest trip out within the field, doing mission research in Honduras, I used to be sitting in a classroom in the course of a jungle. The trainer signaled it was time for a break, and a blur of little feet flew past me. One set of ft instantly caught my eye: I recognized the blue and white logo, with the model spelled out: TOMS. It was my first time seeing a baby in need, so to speak, wearing the other pair of TOMS footwear. She was the one woman sporting a pair in the entire college, and after a little bit of asking round, I came upon her household had actually bought them at a neighborhood market. She was not part of the unique supposed target of the shoe.

Patagonia's Micro Puff Hoody, obtainable starting in the present day, is the first product to include the company's fancy new down various—and it is a formidable piece. The windproof, waterproof shell uses lighter ripstop supplies that different jackets in Patagonia's lineup, and so much less stitching, too. In truth, the Micro Puff utterly abandons the baffle development commonly present in puffy jackets. As a substitute of confining its insulation to a bunch of little rectangles, Patagonia's designers used traces of strategically placed stitching to information strands of PlumaFill all through the jacket's inside.

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