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The 10 leading retail users of organic cotton by quantity are: C&A, H&M, Nike, Puma, Coop Swiss, Anvil, William-Sonoma, Inditex, Carrefour and Target. As an entire, natural cotton prices 30 percent more than conventional, but at stores like H&M, the value difference between an natural and regular shirt is negligible. When it comes to non-clothes customers, Swedish furnishings retailer IKEA is a leader.

This week the most important brands within the out of doors trade have gathered in Denver, Colorado to attend the semi-annual Out of doors Retailer gear conference. Over the past few days those corporations have taken the wraps off an array of attention-grabbing new merchandise, some of which promise to be actually groundbreaking.

Nonetheless growing in popularity worldwide (though more so in the U.S) is the concept of entombing insects in chocolate and sucrose or sprinkling them in synthetic flavors to create among the most terrifying confectioneries, snacks and junk meals possible: chocolate-coated fly pupae, wasp cookies, scorpion suckers, tequila-flavored lollipops with worms embedded in the center, burgers made with 500,000 midge flies and crickets seasoned with bacon & cheese and salt & vinegar flavoring, to call just a few examples.

SUKABUMI, Indonesia (AP) - Staff making Converse sneakers in Indonesia say supervisors throw footwear at them, slap them within the face and call them canine and pigs. Nike, the model's owner, admits that such abuse has occurred among the contractors that make its hip excessive-tops but says there was little it could do to stop it.

We buy extra garments now, transfer through trends faster. Within the olden days—the early ‘90s—manufacturers produced two to 4 trend cycles per year, massive orders coordinated by season, deliberate months in advance. As of late, there isn't any such factor as cycles, only products. If a shirt is selling nicely, Wal-Mart orders its suppliers to make more. If headbands inexplicably come into style, H&M rushes to make hundreds of thousands of them earlier than they go out once more.