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Identified for his or her influential marketing campaigns, tremendous arduous sporting gear and ‘do not throw it, fix it' attitude, Patagonia is perhaps the no.1 out of doors apparel and hardware firm. Championing fashion and quality via ethically manufactured natural cotton t-shirts, the usage of progressive materials, modern cuts and vibrant colourways, Patagonia is good for every season and ensures you are shopping for an immediate traditional that'll look even higher after some tough put on.

Patagonia is, palms-down, South America's wildest, most rugged, and most distant region. Here, in North Chilean Patagonia, lies Hacienda Pucheguin , a one-of-a-type property encompassing 348,000 acres of among the most breathtaking surroundings on earth. This large patch of land (roughly half the dimensions of Rhode Island ) has remained largely untouched for hundreds of years. Alpine lakes, millennia-previous stands of Cyprus bushes, crystal clear waterfalls, dramatic granite cliffs, glacial fjords, and 25 miles of pristine riverfront abound. Now, it might all be yours — for a price. In case your forthcoming tax refund is already burning a gap in your pocket, best guesses put the value tag someplace in the nine figures.

I had only a vague idea of what to anticipate after I confirmed up at the Patagonia retailer in New York's Meatpacking District one evening last month for a screening of The Highway from Karakol. I knew it was a short movie - 25 minutes - by Fitz Cahall, a climber and multimedia writer, director, and producer perhaps best identified for his Dirtbag Diaries collection. I knew it starred world-class alpinist Kyle Dempster, who has won climbing's highest honor, the Piolet d'Or, and who had shot the footage himself throughout a solo biking and climbing journey. I knew the trip was someplace in Central Asia, but I did not know - and it is a little embarrassing - the place Karakol is.