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VENTURA, California. This is the ultimate light-weight jacket. With a weight of solely 9.3oz, it weighs just 2oz more than your iPhone 8+! This is notably impressive because the Micro Puff Hoody is insulated with synthetic PlumaFill insulation. So, if you are in need of a light-weight jacket that can nonetheless hold you heat, then this is the one. It is also water-resistant and treated with a DWR finish, so it is going to maintain you dry in mild snow and rain. It is not utterly waterproof though.

As a substitute of turning away from political discord, as many company giants have, Marcario ran toward it. In September, the corporate announced plans to spend $1 million and launch a get-out-the-vote tour of 17 states. On Election Day, the retailer completely closed down its operations in 30 stores to ensure workers and buyers made it to the polls.

This one was at Ash Canyon Mattress and Breakfast. This is the opposite favorite photo of this species. It's sitting on an agave stalk. The agave genus consists of about 25 species or so, of which the very best recognized is the Century Plant (Agave americana). A lot of them have terminal buds that develop out of the center of the plant. The plant will develop for 7 years or so without flowering, and then in a few months they shoot up this stalk that can be as high as 25 feet. Legend has it that in case you listen closely, and it is quiet, you possibly can hear them rising. As soon as they develop their flower stalk, they die, having poured all the food within the fleshy leaves into the stalk. I am not sure precisely what species that is.

Who says exercising cannot really feel good? Benefit from the breeze of the ocean with a nice relaxing walk on the sand. Research reveals that our bodies of water like seas, lakes and rivers have a calming impact on people , and that if you happen to can see water from your property , you're much less prone to report psychological stress.

I should make clear right here I'm speaking about vests worn by men. Sure, people of all genders folks wear vests of every kind. However this can be a explicit slice of bro tradition. Women鈥檚 enterprise attire has a whole different set of rules, even in these same industries. The Energy Vest flaunts a really merciless male privilege: being snug.