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patagonia micro d snap t fleece jacket toddlers

Valued between $2,000 to $10,000 USD a kilogram (depending on the nest sort) and often referred to as 'The Caviar of the East', these hen nests are harvested from the walls and roofs of sea caves in Southeast Asia by expert climbers on flimsy bamboo trellises, who danger their lives to acquire a valuable chunk of petrified swiftlet saliva. In fact the nests are so valued that some businesses secure caves with booby-traps (e.g. anti-personnel mines) and armed guards who're licensed to shoot at trespassers.

The Tempanos Lake, also in far southern Chile, drained in a similar way in May 2007. Forest rangers working to save lots of endangered huemuls - mid-sized deer native to the region - were shocked when they came across the empty lake. There have been ice floes on the ground of the ten square kilometer lake mattress, but no water.

This time, I am going to show you one picture I took that I am particularly pleased with. This is a Northern Tough-winged Swallow. Stelgidopteryx serripennis. This picture is full measurement; I didn't reduce it. The fowl was quite distant, and took up very little of the image. I took this with my 500mm lens, and it was hand-held and hand targeted.

Since temperatures can fluctuate between 5 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the midst of a single day, its crucial that travelers layer clothing. A water-proof jacket and trekking boots are extremely essential, as is sunscreen and a pair of high quality sun shades (the solar is extremely shiny).

Just one other evening in El Chaltén, Argentina's outpost town deep within the nation's southern Patagonia region, embedded in Los Glaciares National Park. Right here, the air is skinny and recent, and the individuals are bearded and backpacked. Wedged into an Andean valley, the city is the set off level for the long-lasting hike to the magnificent Fitz Roy, a rock formation that rises above the clouds like an arrow tearing at the sky. At its feet, a surreal, brilliantly turquoise lake of melted glacial waters. To get there, after all, you've gotta hike. However El Chaltén is the proper place to stretch your legs. This can be a place of contemporary air and clear water,” guarantees Caterina Dzugala, a representative of Los Glaciares.