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patagonia mens micro d fleece pullover

The wilderness of Patagonia is near mythic. You will see the complete sweep of Patagonia, and see its landscapes change from large and more temperate forests in the north to fjords and icescapes additional south. You'll visit one of Patagonia's newest and largest protected areas: Karukinka Natural Park. We're thrilled to have particular permission to go to this reserve, which spans 1,160 sq. miles and harbors endangered culpeo fox and Andean condors.

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SUKABUMI, Indonesia (AP) - Staff making Converse sneakers in Indonesia say supervisors throw shoes at them, slap them within the face and call them dogs and pigs. Nike, the brand's proprietor, admits that such abuse has occurred among the contractors that make its hip excessive-tops however says there was little it may do to stop it.

As well as, Patagonia added extra materials to lower the hem of this jacket and slapped on a two-approach zipper. Each adjustments goal climbers by making a belay-pleasant winter puffy. And in contrast to the Micro Puff, the Macro Puff sports drawcords at the hem to cinch the jacket tighter. Rounding out the climbing specs, the Macro Puff offers an alpine helmet-suitable hood.