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While ingesting canned cow urine may elevate some eyebrows, it is not as controversial as urophagia, or consumption of human urine, which some individuals contemplate extremely nourishing and helpful for bodily well being, healing and sweetness quite than being a dangerous waste product. Some proponents belief urine to be a panacea, able to curing virtually any affliction, sickness and disease, with the added bonus of being freed from cost and having a limiteless amount on faucet.

Thorough planning for an Antarctica journey is essential as climate might be harsh and have an effect on the supply of actions. When arranging an Antarctica cruise, weather is a significant component, the winter months in Antarctica are harsh and journeys should be concentrated in the summer months, November by March. In November and December the sun will glisten off the seemingly endless glaciers and snow soften will fill the crystalline lakes. December and January are the perfect months for penguin recognizing; penguin chicks are hatched in these months. February provides continuous sunshine; some days in February the solar will fill the sky for 20 hours. March is the right time for vacationers concerned about whale watching, as whales will emerge from the deep waters.

Whereas the Hybrid Sleeping Bag represents a brand new product category for Patagonia in 2016, this was not the company's first venture into the realm of slicing-edge outdoor gear when considering the PSI Vest , an inflatable moist go well with developed to extend the protection of big wave surfers — but it is a first for gear aimed toward an elevation excessive above sea degree. Even then, a giant inspiration behind the innovative sleeping bag is none apart from Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.

This gastronomic masterpiece is additional enhanced by stuffing layers of lucca nut, forcemeat and bread between every bird and stewing it in a hermetically sealed pot with onion, clove, carrots, chopped ham, celery, thyme, parsley, mignonette, salted pork fats, salt, pepper, coriander, garlic earlier than slowly roasting it for about 24 hours. Going with the theme of shoving food within other food, the warbler (the smallest chicken) is filled with an olive, containing a caper, which is filled with an anchovy.

The Punta Tombo beach lying in Patagonia, Argentina; is dwelling to Magellanic Penguins named after the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who is said to have noticed these birds in 1520. These migratory birds arrive here in giant numbers yearly with the intention to breed. The first set of penguins arrives in September they usually stay right here till mid March. Nonetheless, one of the best time to see them is Novemeber as by then the infants are born. Punta Tombo serves as a reservation seashore for them.