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patagonia fall festival

Antonio Pigafetta, a hardy Italian, retains a journal. He writes: "Wednesday, the twenty-eighth of November, 1520, we entered into the Pacific sea, where we remained three months and twenty days without taking in provisions We solely ate old biscuit diminished to powder, and filled with grubs, and stinking from the filth which the rats had made on it , and we drank water that was yellow and stinking. We also ate the ox hides , the sawdust of wooden, and rats which price half-a-crown every, furthermore enough of them have been to not be got." Thus, as recent commerce winds fill their sails and clear water slips beneath their keel, the men lie rotting from scurvy. Nineteen die by the time they attain the Mariana Islands, on March 6, 1521.

Final year was one of many hottest years on report , and rising temperatures along with local weather-associated modifications are affecting the Arctic , wildlife , and people internationally. In November, a national report confirmed climate change is hurting Individuals' high quality of life, especially in decrease-income neighborhoods and in some communities of coloration.

When caught, ortolans are blinded or placed in a darkish field to trick them into believing it's night time so that they may gorge themselves on millet, grapes and figs till they've grown four occasions their original dimension. When it's prepared for eating, the ortolan is drowned alive in Armagnac brandy, its feathers are plucked out and the tiny chicken is roasted.

These birds are massive and noisy, and I have gotten many photos of them. That is one in all my favourite images. I took it at the Whitehouse parking lot in Madera Canyon. I had pushed up there and brought a bit hike, and I acquired again, and I could not shift my automotive into gear. So I referred to as a tow truck, after which sat and waited. While I used to be ready, I bought this photo.

Tompkins, the co-founding father of The North Face outside label and clothing brand Esprit, has donated a tract of land the dimensions of Rhode Island to the Chilean authorities as a national park - the biggest such donation in history.