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Another large synthetic jacket release was Patagonia's Micro Puff jacket, which makes use of PlumaFill insulation. We'll begin by saying that we were impressed with PlumaFill—Patagonia claims it gives the perfect warmth-to-weight ratio of any jacket they've created, down or synthetic. That is a tall order, but PlumaFill definitely is among the many lightest, warmest, and most packable synthetics on the market in 2019. It is price noting that Patagonia at the moment solely uses PlumaFill in its Micro Puff , which we like however is a backcountry-targeted piece with a thin 10D shell. We hope Patagonia continues to use this unique insulation kind in different pieces sooner or later.

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Patagonia is a stage for true wild. Towering pinnacles conflict with rivers of ice, and life persists right here in the face of challenging seasonal extremes. Penguins, foxes, sea lions, and guanaco are only a few of the region's hardy wildlife. Situated in the Ring of Fireplace, Patagonia's beautiful, snow-covered volcanic vary presents an unmatched alternative to check advanced geological and seismic processes.

When we first started researching puffy vests, we thought our choose would be a down vest. Down, in any case, has the perfect heat-to-weight ratio of any insulation. Plus, down vests will be more compact, sturdy, and smooth, they usually look more fashionable than their artificial counterparts. Our testers usually thought down felt cozier and more luxurious.

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