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patagonia atom backpack 18l

Grab your greatest cowboy hat and tip back a pint with Patagonia's Path Running and Climbing ambassadors, the inspiration behind Patagonia Footwear's Spring 2014 EVERlong and versatile Rover footwear, designed for when runs go vertical and the method must be gentle. Klean Kanteen pint sales benefit the Conservation Alliance.

That tone changed shortly after the election. Certainly one of Obama's last actions was to put aside 1.35 million acres in southeastern Utah to create Bears Ears Nationwide Monument, named by the various Native American tribes whose sacred lands it included. The designation riled the state's Republican leaders, who condemned the designation as a federal land grab and urged the incoming Trump administration to undo it, and mining interests that have been trying to faucet uranium and mineral deposits in the region.

When it's winter within the Northern Hemisphere, it's sunny and heat in the Southern Hemisphere. Most of the national parks and other protected zones in Chile were created by socialist former president Michelle Bachelet, who left 14 new marine protected areas spanning 1.31 million square kilometers (505,000 sq. miles), and the Parks Network in Patagonia when she stepped down in March.

Patagonia's announcement on Monday shouldn't be out of character for the corporate, which has constructed its brand on valuing the surroundings. The company donates 1 percent of its day by day world gross sales to inexperienced causes. In 2011, it urged its clients to purchase fewer jackets to combat the style industry's wasteful culture, and in March, it helped create a $35 million fund to help pay for rooftop solar installations.

After we first began researching puffy vests, we thought our choose could be a down vest. Down, in any case, has the best heat-to-weight ratio of any insulation. Plus, down vests will be extra compact, sturdy, and comfortable, they usually look extra trendy than their artificial counterparts. Our testers usually thought down felt cozier and extra luxurious.