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Najgorzej. Także poleruje szmatką te baleriny, uważając żeby nie posmarować jej stóp czarną pastą i zaczyna ze mną rozmowę. W sumie to nie była rozmowa, bo zauważył, że jestem zainteresowany i pyta się czy ja nie chciałbym, żeby wyczyścić mi butów. Hola amigo, tengo precio special para tu. Srutututu. Z moim podejściem, które opisałem wyżej powinien się speszyć, jednak wybuchnąłem śmiechem. Gość nie widział moich stóp, bo zasłaniał je murek, a ja oszczędzając obdarte stopy wyszedłem na miasto na bosaka. Zaraz sobie wyobraziłem, jak naciera mi stopy czarną pastą, a następnie pucuje tę szmatą między palcami. Pokazałem mu stopy i też się roześmiał, choć wymuszenie.

Marcario is ready for an extended struggle over something that would turn out to be her legacy at the company. Patagonia's first CEO, Kris Tompkins, spent 12 years on the helm and donated greater than 340,000 acres of land in Argentina's northeastern Iberá wetlands to establish what is going to develop into the country's largest nature protect. Tompkins and her late husband, billionaire retail mogul Douglas Tompkins, also bought up big swaths of wilderness in Argentina and Chile in hopes of preserving it.

Iguassu falls are essentially the most spectacular waterfalls I have ever seen. 5. Hand baggage scale By no means again scramble on the airport to switch objects from one bag to another, or worse, throw them away fully. Get further batteries, as you will inevitably forget to remove the prevailing ones, the size will activate in your bag and you will be stressed the subsequent time you try to use it and notice the battery is worn down. As you're already late for the airport.

Our principal issues with the Avant jacket relate to heat and breathability. With a total weight of simply over 1 pound and using the seven-hundred-fill down comparison, the Avant could be a good outer layer in cool climate or midlayer for skiing, but it surely's not going to be your cold climate workhorse. Additional, the jacket's smooth lining prioritizes weather safety over air flow and quickly overheats when you're working exhausting. But this is superb for casual use and an entire lot of fall and gentle winter days, and we do actually just like the Avant's concept and design. It's one of the convincing down impersonations we've seen thus far.

It occurred one thing like this: she lived lengthy in her personal region of facts and figures, writing notes and data into her diary of the regular look of her guests, composed into unusual tales, she even gave names to the sailors who visited her, names that will in time prove to be registered names, official names of those long lost at sea, forgotten by time. She had even proclaimed in a single journal note to have talked immediately with Sir Francis Drake, whom she mentioned often, visited the world-long dead, and the Drake Passage named after him. She summon them by having by her aspect, a pan of water, that reflected-she mentioned-their shadows mingle, and he or she'd beckon to them, to affix her. And most frequently they did, she said; thus, learning of lengthy forgotten tales that by no means would have been told, like this one.