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flying to patagonia

Aż do wczoraj. Obudziłem się w środku nocy z wrażeniem, że ktoś jest w pokoju. Po chwili zreflektowałem nie ktoś, a raczej coś i to większego niż robak. Szpara pod drzwiami jest całkiem spora, a jak nie docisnąłem koca wystarczająco mocno, to może jakiś mały szczur tutaj wlazł. Myślę sobie Stefan, kurwa. Czemu mu na to pozwoliłeś? Jeszcze mi szczurów brakowało i jak miałbym się tego pozbyć? Przecież to nie robak, raczej się go nie rozdepcze. Włączam latarkę w telefonie, świecę wokół i widzę paczkę po orzeszkach, które zjadłem wczoraj. Lekko się rusza i wydaje szelest, który musiał mnie obudzić. Trącam ją książką, a tam wychodzi Stefan.

1.牋牋牋 Argentina was found by European invaders initially of the 16th century, by Spaniards, in apply. So, the nationwide language is Spanish. Nonetheless, 1000's of immigrants arrived in this nation for hundreds of years, being attractive with marvelous mountains and, extra precisely, fertile soil. Therefore, talking in other European languages is quite possible. As well as, many of the inhabitants is Europeans by origin.

Lululemon Athletica was based in 1998 by Dennis "Chip" Wilson, a husky Canadian businessman who had beforehand produced snowboarding and ski attire. In accordance with Lululemon lore , Wilson was exhilarated after taking his first commercial yoga class, and he noticed a chance to faucet into the rising market of higher middle class feminine yogis. In 2000, Wilson opened the first Lululemon retailer in the beachside Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver.

In our opinion, the Galvanized is an ideal instance of Patagonia's painstaking attention to element and quality. The Galvanized is seam-less throughout the shoulders and again, that means that there are no strain factors under a backpack, no susceptible connection points where precipitation hits hardest, and—equally importantly—most stretch where it issues most. Moreover, all the jacket's options are properly engineered for durability, ease of use, and a streamlined look, together with the adjustment points at the cuffs, hem, and hood, and the pocket placement and zippers. Finally, the Galvanized is made with a tricky 50-denier face cloth, making it extra sturdy than the vast majority of well-liked hardshells.

Chile, Argentina and their coastal waters are dwelling to many attention-grabbing and strange animal and plant species. Since these remnants weren't fossilized, a few notable scientists of the early 1900s concluded that Mylodon still roamed Chilean Patagonia. Florentino Ameghino, an eminent Argentine paleontologist of the era, also believed that the sloth accounted for tales of the swamp-dwelling monster told by the native Tehuelche people. Thus far, no residing animals described in Patagonia have borne out this conviction; nevertheless, the dung did reveal that Mylodon fed on grass and sedge instead of the deciduous leaves favored by modern tree sloths. Carbon-relationship of objects from the cave — now often called Cueva del Milódon— place the animal's age between 10.2 and thirteen.6 thousand years outdated.