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I actually will—and possibly in winter. Many aficionados consider Patagonia's winter of June via August to be its finest season. During the summer time months, Torres del Paine Nationwide Park may be an Andean version of excessive-season Yellowstone with tens of thousands of visitors, but it is close to empty in winter, when only a few hundred nature-lovers roam the half-million-acre park.

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Speaking of glaciers, the Southern Patagonian Icefield extends 187 miles north from the park. Almost 6,500 complete sq. miles, larger than the state of Connecticut, the icefield is the world's third-largest reservoir of contemporary water. Glacier Gray is amongst largest Patagonia's glaciers. In the future we walked through falling snow to wind-whipped Lake Grey, the place celestial-blue icebergs serenely sailed, looking like magically lit Frank Gehry structures. Compressed for millennia within the glacier, these icebergs had little oxygen. When light hit them, the weaker wavelengths had been filtered out, leaving the ethereal blue colour.

There have been some studies tighter controls on press freedom. In Spain there was coverage lately of a Committee to Protect Journalist report (May 23) that Chilean photographer Víctor Salas suffered a severe eye injury on Wednesday when he was struck by a police officer as he was protecting a protest outdoors parliament in the southwestern metropolis of Valparaíso. Salas works for the Spanish state news agency EFE.

America Recycles Day is a time to think about how we are able to recycle and reuse materials of all kinds. I am thrilled to see younger individuals across the country taking initiative to lift consciousness about environmental causes of all types, particularly recycling. Recently the Student Taskforce for Environmental Partnership (STEP) at Yale College held "Greenfest," on the Yale campus, which educated a whole lot of scholars and alumni about various recycling methods through a sequence of interactive actions.