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driving through patagonia

Trek the glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia, Argentina, with travel recommendation from an Argentina travel skilled at Argentina For Less. Hello Pat, I had been following you for a while, I believe however really wish I had seen this glorious assortment of Birdies. I've at all times liked birds and my spouse cannot stand pets so I get pleasure from video and footage of different birds. It is so funny that my good friend Mickji Ocarina (a fellow hubber and Pinterest user) and I have been simply posting footage we discovered of birds and some pictures that she had taken. She is such an amazing photographer. We discovered some very lovely photos and had been speaking about them just yesterday. We are each ocarinists and I have been making an attempt to mimic birdsounds. I particularly liked your birdsong video. The ocarina is an amazing instrument and birdsong is rather straightforward to do with it. The birds will cease and listen to see the humorous fats man-chicken making the sounds. I have had what to me are conversations with individual birds. I actually hope I did not say something vulgar in 'bird'. Thank you a lot for the article. Bob.

Within the technique of churning out high-quality performance gear, Patagonia has, over the years, taken steps to ensure their company is environmentally accountable. I received this picture close to Picacho Peak, Arizona. For those of you who're historical past buffs, Picacho Peak was the location of the westernmost battle within the Civil Conflict. There's plenty of farming country near there, and specifically, near the intersection of Baumgartner and Wheeler, the birding is quite good. I actually went there hoping to see a Crested Caracara. I noticed one, however the photograph I received wasn't adequate to publish anyplace. Earlier than that, nevertheless, I used to be just hanging round, seeing what I could see, and this hawk confirmed up. He flew across the space for a number of minutes, giving me time to take multiple shots. I used to be using my new 650-1300mm lens, handheld. This specific bird is of the lightest varieties, almost leucistic.

Ale wróćmy do El Calafate. Nieco dziwnie kojarząca się nazwa pochodzi od małego górskiego kwiatka takiej właśnie nazwie. Jest to miasto położone u podnóża Andów, znane z lodowca, jedynego w okolicy lotniska i ogólnie klimatu miasteczka na totalnym odludziu. Wynająłem samochód i ruszyłem zobaczyć jeden z celów mojej wyprawy w Argentynie: lodowca Perito Moreno. Mam szczęście, bo pogoda sprzyja. Mam też pecha, bo kilka dni temu zawalił się ogromny lodowy most. Lodowiec Perito Moreno to wg przewodnika jeden z bardzo niewielu, który przy obecnych zmianach klimatu nadal rośnie. Ponoć w naszybszym miejscu przesuwa się do dwóch metrów na dobę. Lodowiec nasuwa się na pobliskie jezioro, gdzie jest od dołu podmywany, co siłą rzeczy tworzy nawisy, które prędzej czy później odrywają się i lądują w wodzie z wielkim pluskiem. Miałem okazję zobaczyć kilka małych fragmentów, które tak się oderwały. Wyglądało imponująco.

Via the founding of vogue ahead enterprise, Chilote Footwear , Francisca Appacel and Stiven Kerestegian are transforming the lives of artisan women whereas preserving their vibrant heritage alive in Patagonia. The Conscious staff had the privilege of interviewing the Denmark-primarily based Founders, to learn about their inspiration, ‘made gradual' philosophy, and how they are a part of an rising class of designers that are constructing unique brands of sustainability and empowerment.

VENTURA, California. Many of the employees inside the Tazreen garment manufacturing facility have been making clothes for Western manufacturers: Dickies, Wal-Mart, Disney, all their logos showed up on labels pulled from the rubble. But Tazreen wasn't yet another example of companies failing to police conditions in their factories. It was an example of how doing so has change into unattainable.