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Gdy w roku 1532 dotarli do wyżyn Peru, Atahuallpa właśnie pokonał swego brata Huascara i znajdował się z blisko 40 tysięczną armią nie opodal miasta Cajamarca. Pamiętając, jak korzystnym posunięciem okazało się w Meksyku porwanie Montezumy, Pizarro pojmał Atahuallpę w toku rokowań i zażądał od Inków ogromnego okupu w złocie i srebrze. Gdy Inkowie wypłacili okup, Hiszpanie zamordowali Atahuallpę. Bez boskiego przywódcy, osłabieni przez wojnę domową oraz epidemie chorób przywleczonych przez Hiszpanów z Europy. Pizarro ostatecznie zajął stolicę Inków, Cusco, 15 listopada 1533.

The Torres del Paine National Park is a vast area in Patagonia, Chile, good for climbing and trekking expeditions spread throughout several days. Those figures are misleading, however as Chile has restricted home vitality assets, with the nation importing nearly all of its vitality wants. Chile has shown a reliance on pure fuel exports, particularly these coming from Argentina. Since 2004 - when Argentina began restricting its natural gas exports - Chile has been revising its power policy.

Firm co-founder Howard Brown turned to a manufacturing unit utilized by the out of doors clothing model Patagonia, which is known for its devotion to environmental activism and an ethical supply chain. The ability was the first green energy factory on the Chinese mainland.

Patagonia hasn't been without its faults. Two years earlier than Marcario took over, inner audits discovered forced labor and brutal circumstances at Taiwanese mills that produced the uncooked supplies for its apparel. Patagonia applied aggressive new requirements for monitoring its suppliers in response, however it's all the time troublesome to observe each supplier always. Marcario stated she also wants to make adjustments at the corporate stage to additional their beliefs ― by converting the firm's meals division, Patagonia Provisions, to purely natural ingredients and investing the worker retirement plans entirely in sustainable, eco-friendly funds and businesses.

This Patagonia Men's Down Sweater Hoody is the perfect jacket to maintain you heat regardless of the conditions. It's tremendous light-weight but completely cosy and warm inside with plenty of integrated options to ensure that the warmth stays in and the water and wind stays out! Featuring a single-pull adjustable hood as a way to batten down your individual hatches when the going gets powerful. Finished with a durable repellent high coat that is all of the jacket you will want to stay ahead of the competition.